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Original Equipment for Tesla

Discover the perfect tyre for your Tesla.

Tesla places extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles and, as a result, demand the very best from the tyres approved for each vehicle. As an electric vehicle and in the absence of any engine noise, Tesla have introduced a special technology tyre to their cars to ensure safe and quiet driving – Continental’s OE tyres are “tailor-made” for your Tesla.

We offer a selected range of tyres that are a perfect fit with your Tesla. Testla employ a technology called "ContiSilent" on their cars. This technology ensures that the car is not just safe with our technology, but also remains as quiet as possible.  Tesla tyres also carry a special sidewall marking "T0". Consult an approved Continental Tyres of Australia stockist to ensure you receive the right recommendation for your Tesla.

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ContiSilent Technology
Examples of OE tires for Tesla.

Examples of OE tires for Tesla.