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WhichCar TyreTalk - New vs. Worn

It's generally accepted that worn tyres are a bad thing, but why is that? There are so many reasons, from grip, to control to a higher risk of blow outs, but most importantly the ability for your car to stop in an emergency.

WhichCar takes you through key things to know about worn tyres and why you should be aware of how worn your tyres are during their life.


WhichCar TyreTalk - Does tyre quality matter?

Check out this track test between low cost and premium tyres!

They all look the same, but will they keep you safe when you need them most?

A back to back comparison by WhichCar demonstrates exactly what you may be compromising when you buy cheaper tyres for your car.

Cornering becomes a real problem for the low cost tyre as it's unable avoid the obstruction and stopping distance in the wet is significantly further than on the premium tyres.

Safety should be the number one factor when considering what tyres you buy for your car.


WhichCar TyreTalk - Do tyre pressures actually matter?

Correct tyre pressures are the easiest way to save money on fuel and to prolong the life of your tyres. It is recommended that you check them on a regular basis as part of a regular maintenance routine to ensure your car always performs at its best.

Correct tyre pressures also helps with even wear but more importantly your tyres should not run too low in pressure so as to avoid a possible blow out or a potential accident.

Give your tyres a quick check today and remember to check them again within the next month or so!


WhichCar TyreTalk - What to do when you get a flat tyre

Getting stuck on the side of the road has the potential to ruin your day - but using these quick tips and Dan's process you'll be on your way in no time. 

We recommend that you take time to understand what your spare tyre solution is. With today's cars there are different solutions you may need to be aware of before you need to use them.

If all else fails the most important tool you will have on the side of the road is your mobile phone.


WhichCar TyreTalk - Why you should not mix tyres on the same axle

Your tyres are the only mechanical components that connect your car to the road. That's 4 contact patches of rubber that need to keep your car moving in dry and wet weather as well as stopping the car in an emergency.

If there is a mis-match in the dynamics of the contact patches your car's safety systems may be compromised when you need then to perform as they were designed to.

Having all those pieces of rubber the same, at least on a single axle, is extremely important for the handling and performance of your tyres - and your car.


WhichCar TyreTalk - Staggered Fitment Explained

If you have a high powered sportscar chances are you are running staggered fitment. This is generally where the font and rear tyres on your car are different sizes.

WhichCar explains the advantages of having larger rear tyres on your performance car.