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Continental tyre as original equipment

Why choose OE (original equipment) tyres?


Did you know that your choice of tyres has a significant impact on vehicle performance, comfort and safety?

When the time comes to purchase a new vehicle, Continental understands that customers expect the highest quality and safety. Across Europe, the Continental brand is well respected and trusted so much so that their products are used for every third new car across more than 800 models!

What are OE tyres?

OE tyres are fitted at the factory during the time of manufacture. OE stands for Original Equipment and only an approved OE tyre can be fitted to a new car.

Vehicle manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time sourcing the best tyres for new vehicles. From passenger cars, to luxury SUVs, 4WDs and high performance sports cars, a tyre has been carefully selected to ensure that the vehicle is performing at its optimal best.

An OE tyre must adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to factors such as safety, rolling resistance and noise levels. These will greatly influence vehicle performance. When developing an OE tyre, Continental works in close collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that these standards are met.

Car driving from front angle

How is a Continental OE tyre developed?

Continental spends an average of 4 years researching, developing and testing their OE tyres to ensure that they produce a tyre that is best-suited for the car model. Using lab, track and real-life conditions, Continental OE tyres are put through around 100 tests!

The end result is a Continental OE tyre that will leverage the unique characteristics of the vehicle to optimise its performance. You can feel confident that a new vehicle fitted with OE tyres by Continental will accelerate, brake and corner to the best of its intended abilities.

Why choose OE tyres when replacing them?

Perhaps you have purchased a new vehicle in recent times, and now you are looking to replace the tyres as they have become worn. You may be asking yourself - do I have to choose OE tyres? Some people become confused by the term ‘OE tyres’, and this is understandable. However, it is important to know that OE tyres are not restricted to new vehicles.

Replacing your worn tyres with the OE tyres is the best way to ensure that the physical dimensions, internal construction, tread design and key performance attributes remain the same.

The OE tyres on your vehicle are engineered, tuned and adapted to deliver optimal performance based on the manufacturer’s requirements. To deviate from the OE tyre may result in a compromise on select characteristics of your car. This includes the safety monitoring systems, comfort qualities and handling capabilities, which may have a negative impact on your driving experience.

Continental tyre being fitted to a car

Continental knows how important choosing the right tyre for your car is. This is why you will find that they have worked hard to ensure that your local Continental tyre dealer stocks, or has access to, the right tyres for your car. This is even the case for those who own an imported vehicle with Continental OE tyres.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, whether it’s a passenger car, luxury SUV or high performance sports car, there is a Continental tyre for your vehicle. Continental is a preferred choice of many car manufacturers with good reason - our tyres stand for reliable safety. When your vehicle is fitted with Continental tyres, you can feel confident that you, and your family, are safe on the roads.