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Family SUV vehicle packed ready for a road trip.

Road trip worthy tyres

When making plans for your next road trip be sure to ask yourself, "How safe are my tyres?".

The spring season is well and truly upon us. As the sun begins to shine a little brighter and the days stretch out for longer, you may find yourself planning a road trip.

The condition of your tyres is vital to the safety of you and your passengers. From tread depth to tyre pressures and the condition of your spare tyre, here are some tyre tips to consider.

Family SUV vehicle packed ready for a road trip.

Inspect your tyres for visible damage.

A quick visual inspection of your tyres can help to identify any small signs of damage that may lead to bigger problems later on if left ignored. You should inspect the tread and sidewall of each tyre, looking for cuts, bulges, gouges and uneven tread wear.

Ensure that there are no sharp objects embedded in your tyres such as nails and glass. If you notice a puncture, unusual bulging or any other concerning signs of tyre damage, contact your trusted tyre repair store. A professional can assess the external and internal condition of your tyre and advise you on the best course of action.

Check and adjust tyre pressures as needed.

You can independently check and adjust your tyre pressures with minimal fuss. It is important to adhere to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressures. These can be found in the door jamb on the driver’s side as well as in your owner’s manual.

When you maintain the recommended tyre pressures it can enhance vehicle safety and performance. It will also promote good tyre life.

It is also important to be aware that there are some instances where a car may require different tyre pressures for the front and rear tyres. If you are unsure of the recommended tyre pressures for your tyres, or are not confident to check and adjust tyre pressures yourself, it is a good idea to contact your local tyre store.

Couple driving in their car on a road trip.

Assess the tread depth of your tyres.

Having good tread depth is essential for safe braking and effective water dispersion. Worn tyres pose a significant safety concern. As such, there is a legal requirement in Australia that your tyres have a minimum of 1.5mm of remaining tread.

There are a few ways that you can read your tyre tread depth. Modern tyre patterns feature wear bars built into the tread. When the surrounding tyre wears down level with the marker, it’s time to replace the tyre.. Once the wear bar appears level with the tread, it is time for a new set of tyres.

Alternatively, you can use a tyre tread depth gauge, which is easily purchased from a car part store, or you can use a 20c coin. In this instance, the coin is placed into the tread, being careful to avoid the wear bar, if the tread doesn’t reach the platypus bill, there is less than 3mm of tread remaining.

If your tyres have reached 1.6mm of remaining tread depth, contact your local Continental tyre dealer to discuss your needs to find a suitable tyre replacement.

Don’t exclude the spare tyre!

When it comes to road trips, the condition of your spare tyre matters a great deal. Be sure to include it when checking the condition of your tyres.

Due to the low kilometres they typically travel, a spare tyre is often replaced due to age before the tread wears down. Tyres older than 5 years should be periodically inspected for cracks or damage.

One final point.

In the instance that you are unlucky to experience a flat tyre - be prepared. This means taking the time before you head off to make sure you are fully equipped with the right tools and know-how to change a flat tyre.

You will need:

  • Spare tyre
  • Vehicle manual
  • Wrench
  • Wheel brance
  • Jack
Family SUV vehicle packed ready for a road trip.

Ensure that your vehicle is in a safe location, with the hazard lights on, before attempting to change the tyre. Your vehicle manual will clearly illustrate the process required to change your tyre. 

At the first available opportunity, have your damaged tyre repaired or replaced so that you have a spare ready in case of your next emergency.

Perhaps after completing these safety checks you’ve realised that now is the time to buy new tyres? If so, it’s important to buy the very best tyres you can.

Continental tyres are a premium choice that deliver on safety, reliability and comfort. We offer an extensive range of tyres suited to a range of vehicles including passenger cars, luxury SUVs, 4WDs, light trucks and performance vehicles. View our range online or call into your local Continental tyre dealership to discover the best tyre to meet your driving needs.