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Premium vs budget tyres - Does it matter?

For many, buying new tyres can seem a costly exercise.

It can be tempting to simply purchase a budget set of tyres and be done with it. However, it is important to take a moment and consider how vital tyres are when it comes to your safety. A quality set of reliable and safe tyres are a worthy investment that will pay for themselves in the long run.

Premium quality tyres can reduce braking distances, improve grip, deliver better handling and provide greater vehicle control. Typically, these benefits result in a comfortable drive, providing you with confidence and enhanced safety on the roads.

Is there much difference between a budget and a premium tyre?

All tyres sold in Australia must adhere to the standards specified in the Australian Design Rules (ADR). This means that any tyre purchased from a reputable tyre dealer should meet these standards. However, there are notable differences between budget and premium tyres that are worth your consideration.

Budget tyres are typically manufactured from a harder rubber compound. This is cheaper to produce but doesn’t tend to provide as much traction and handling capabilities may be reduced. This can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Premium tyres tend to use more advanced rubber compounds. These can provide you with greater performance, longevity and grip in all conditions. Most importantly, a premium tyre will provide you with enhanced safety for you and your passengers.

Child safely asleep in car seat.

What determines a premium tyre?

All the systems found on your car are interconnected. Choosing a premium tyre is the best way to maximise your vehicle’s performance.

Continental employs an innovative approach to produce technologies and products that meet the demands of today’s modern vehicles. Every single Continental tyre has to pass an intense testing regime before going into production. Tests are conducted in all kinds of weather and on all road surfaces, using the latest in advanced technologies, following industry-leading quality processes. 

Our commitment to creating safe and efficient tyres has earned us a reputation for producing premium products. As a result, we have a strong presence as the original equipment (OE) tyre of choice on 20 vehicle manufacturers, 51 brands and 273 active models worldwide.

What are the benefits of choosing a premium tyre?

What truly sets a premium tyre apart from a budget tyre is its design and resulting on-road performance. A Continental tyre can:

  • Enhance driver safety
  • Improve fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance
  • Offer longer tyre life, when properly cared for and maintained
  • Provide enhanced handling and comfort

When the time comes for new tyres, it’s important to buy the very best you can. Purchasing a premium set of tyres is likely to save you money in the long run. Improved fuel economy, tyre performance and longevity are all associated benefits to purchasing premium tyres. 

When you choose a Continental tyre, you are choosing a safe, comfortable and reliable tyre.

There is an extensive range of Continental tyres available, suited to a range of vehicles, including passenger cars, luxury SUVs, 4WDs, light trucks and performance vehicles. View our range online or call into your local Continental tyre dealership to discover the best tyre to meet your driving needs.