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SUV off-road, driving on the Continental AX6 tyre.

Access all areas with Continental’s AX6.

Summer is nearly here and with the festive season fast approaching, many people will turn their attention to holiday getaways and long awaited visits to family and friends. 

You may find yourself using your vehicle more just now than you have in the past few months. For many families, SUVs are a popular choice. They provide ample cabin space and are well suited to the weekend getaway. What about tyres for your SUV? Taking time to find a quality tyre suited to your intended driving purpose can greatly assist in ensuring the safety and comfort of you and your passengers. 

Do you typically drive your SUV on-road but also like the odd weekend escape off the beaten track? Look no further than the Continental AX6 - the perfect SUV tyre with off-road capability!

The AX6 is intended for 70% on-road use and 30% off-road use. This makes the AX6 a good fit for the everyday driver. From the daily commute to work, school runs and weekend getaways; it’s a tyre equipped predominantly with on-road capabilities.

What makes the AX6 more than your typical ‘everyday driver’ tyre however, is the added benefit of some off-road capabilities. The AX6 is capable of taking you on the occasional off-road adventure with improved traction and reduced risk of the types of punctures typically experienced in more rugged terrain.

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What are the on-road benefits of the Continental AX6?

Feel safer with increased wet traction and braking on slippery roads with the AX6. This is the result of the polymer structure in the Silica Tread Compound, which provides enhanced gripping capabilities on slippery roads.

The all-new sipe pattern design also assists with wet traction. It delivers on improved water displacement that can decrease the risk of aquaplaning, enhances traction and provides shorter braking distances under wet conditions. 

Whilst All Terrain (AT) tyres can be associated with increased on-road noise, the AX6 boasts a substantial reduction in on-road noise. This is the result of the AX6’s innovative design with noise blockers that work to block the sound waves leaving the centre of the tyre. This new technology provides the driver and their passengers with a smooth, quiet ride on-road.  

What are the off-road benefits of the Continental AX6?

Experience additional off-road traction and grip for those occasions when you hit the beaten track for a weekend adventure.

The open tread pattern of the AX6 maximises the edges and the contact area of the tread, providing you with additional off-road traction. The AX6 also comes with additional traction grooves with gripping teeth that prevent loose surfaces experienced off-road, from sliding through the tread grooves resulting in improved grip.

When off-roading, it is common to experience hazards such as rocks, tree roots and ruts. The large tread blocks and tough tread compound of the AX6 minimises the stone retention and provides greater protection against cutting and chipping. This results in a SUV tyre that offers greater durability for those times when you want to take your vehicle off the beaten track.

If you’re an SUV driver, looking for a new tyre to not only get you safely from A to B, but to deliver on traction and durability on the occasional off-road adventure, Continental’s AX6 may be the right tyre for you.

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To re-cap, Continental’s AX6...Q

  • Is the perfect fit for any driver who spends most of their time on the road, but requires more traction when heading off-road.

  • Reduces the risk of puncture and provides improved traction when driving off-road due to the sidewall protection wrap.

  • Provides enhanced wet and dry braking performance due to multiple sipes on the tread pattern.

  • Delivers high on-road safety with a silica tread compound resulting in enhanced grip.

  • Offers a comfortable and quiet ride due to the noise blockers in the shoulder, which reduce the noise generated in the centre of the pattern.

Continental offers an extensive range of quality, safe and reliable tyres that are suited to most vehicles, including passenger cars, performance vehicles, 4WDs and SUVs. To find out more about Continental’s AX6, contact your local Continental tyre dealership.