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Continental PremiumContact6 tyres on Hyundai Tucson.

PremiumContact6 receives top honours in Australian tyre test.


The Continental PremiumContact6 has been announced as the winner of the 2020 Tyre Test for Australian Wheels magazine!

Continental PremiumContact6 tyre

This is the latest award credited to the tyre. Continental has received international praise and recognition for the PremiumContact6. Designed in Hanover, Germany, it adheres to the highest of safety standards, which is paramount to all tyres engineered by Continental. It has now received awards in Australia, Russia and Germany, making the PremiumContact6 a tyre that excels on a global scale. 

There has been notable praise for the high safety standards of the tyres developed and manufactured by Continental in Hanover. But what exactly does it take to receive top spot in Wheels magazine’s 2020 tyre test? Here, we find out.

Continental PremiumContact6 tyres on Hyundai Tucson.

Wheels magazine tested the PremiumContact6 against 10 competing tyre manufacturer’s products. All tyres were put through a range of rigorous and demanding tests, including dry braking, wet cornering and tyre noise, amongst others. The outcome was an impressive score of 99.3 points out of a possible 100! 

The secret to success for the PremiumContact6? Continental’s leading German engineering and tyre innovations, which delivered on a tyre that boasts a balanced set of properties. Put simply, the PremiumContact6 was a proven consistent performer. This makes it the best choice for those in the market who are looking for a new, safe and reliable passenger car or SUV tyre that delivers on driver comfort.

Wheels magazine test the Continental PremiumContact6 tyre on a Hyundai Tucson.

Wheels magazine put the PremiumContact6 and its competitors through the following 5 tests of on-the-limit disciplines:

  • Slalom: this test was all about grip, assessing the tyres ability to respond to quick direction changes. The slalom test assessed how well the tyre held its shape, gripped the asphalt and provided insight into the construction of the tyre. The PremiumContact6 demonstrated excellent and consistent grip capabilities ranking highly against its competitors.
  • Dry braking: the test vehicle was driven to a speed of 110km/h before the brakes were applied. Once the vehicle dropped to 100km/h the ABS system was triggered, leaving the tyres to speak for themselves. This test highlights the importance of a quality set of tyres for safe braking distances. The PremiumContact6 maintained excellent feel and braking performance.
  • Dry cornering: the test vehicle was driven through three bends to assess each tyre's dry cornering capabilities. The PremiumContact6 performed exceedingly well against its competitors demonstrating consistently rapid response times and reliable grip, which was achieved with minimal noise.
  • Wet cornering: this test highlighted the importance of a quality tyre compound and tread design, which play a key role when it comes to wet cornering performance. The PremiumContact6 delivered a consistent performance with quick response times and good feel for the driver.
  • Tyre Noise: this test included both road noise and noise under load. Despite the PremiumContact6 providing excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, this did not contribute to increased tyre noise. This makes it an excellent tyre that offers minimal cabin noise, enhancing both driver and passenger comfort on even the longest of road trips.
Wheels magazine test the Continental PremiumContact6 tyre on a Hyundai Tucson.

Under Wheels magazine’s demanding and rigorous test conditions, Continental’s PremiumContact6 tyre proved to be a consistent, reliable and safe performing tyre. It excelled in both wet and dry cornering and braking, offered dynamic handling and produced minimal tyre noise. 

The PremiumContact6 has been proven to offer a balanced set of properties that make it an excellent all-rounder and a great choice for drivers. Not only does it offer driver comfort, it adheres to Continental’s unwavering commitment to safety, which sets it apart from its competitors.

If you would like to learn more about the award winning Continental PremiumContact6, contact your local Continental tyre dealer to find out if there is a tyre size available for your car. Prioritise your driver safety with a new set of  PremiumContact6 tyres and experience the comfort.