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Continental EcoContact 6 - new generation eco tyre

Operating a car can be costly. Adopting appropriate driving techniques can assist you in both saving costs on fuel as well as prolonging the life of your tyres. You can further improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by purchasing a quality set of eco-friendly tyres.

Here at Continental, we are committed to a sustainable and socially responsible future. We continue to advance our tyre technology to reduce our impact on the environment. As a result, we are proud to offer Australian motorists the newest in our EcoContact tyre range, the EcoContact 6!

The EcoContact 6 is a new generation Eco tyre that will improve your car’s fuel efficiency without compromising on Continental’s high safety standards or driver and passenger comfort. 

Fuel consumption is significantly affected by the rolling resistance of a tyre, which occurs whenever your vehicle’s tyres make contact with the road - it’s unavoidable. As a tyre rotates, the weight of your vehicle will compress the tyre sidewall, which creates heat in the tyre. This heat builds up and causes resistance, which your vehicle overcomes by increasing the amount of energy used to keep the tyres rotating. The greater the resistance, the more fuel that is required to generate the necessary energy. Tyres with reduced rolling resistance can, therefore, increase your fuel economy.

The tread design and tread compound are both contributing factors when it comes to rolling resistance.The EcoContact 6 brings the newest and most advanced compounding technologies to Continental’s Eco tyre line.

Improved rolling resistance and fuel consumption

Boasting the next generation in component geometry and high-tech compounds, the EcoContact 6 delivers improvements in rolling resistance. This means that your fuel consumption is lessened, which saves you money and reduces your CO2 emissions.

The high-tech compound provides a powerful connection between the silica and the rubber. This means that the tyre is highly responsive and adaptive to varying road conditions. This ultimately improves the tyre’s rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

Enhanced mileage

The EcoContact 6 uses Continental’s new and advanced Green Chili 2.0 compound. This compound adapts to the road surface, which results in a reduction of rubber loss throughout the course of the tyre’s life cycle.

This makes the EcoContact 6 a tyre that offers exceptional mileage, which can save you money by reducing the frequency that your tyres need to be replaced. This is an additional environmental benefit as it decreases the quantity of scrap tyres created.

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Optimised levels of driving safety

Continental is committed to improving driver and passenger safety. The EcoContact 6 has a tailor-made tread pattern that offers optimised levels of grip and handling experience that delivers on the highest levels of driving safety.

The asymmetric rib and sipe geometry keeps the tyre in excellent contact with the road in both wet and dry conditions, which increases your safety in handling situations, which include lane changes.

Continental’s EcoContact 6 is a wonderful example of our commitment to creating a safe, efficient, connected and comfortable driving experience for all road users. If you drive a passenger car and are looking for a safe and economical tyre, call into your local Continental tyre dealer to see if the EcoContact 6 is a suitable option for your car and driving needs.