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Continental have always been a popular choice when it comes to tyres. Our central focus on safety, innovation and the environment are our driving forces, which make us your best choice for tyres.

The safe and efficient transport of both people and goods has always been a key focus for Continental. Our passion for innovation has remained a constant since the company was established in 1871. Today, Continental employs 1000 scientists, engineers and designers within our research centres to develop the very best in tyre solutions for your car, SUV, 4WD, specialty vehicle and more. 

Discover what makes Continental the popular choice among many industry insiders - with Continental supplying the (OE) Original Equipment for 20 vehicle manufacturers, 51 brands and 273 active models worldwide!

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Innovation - Continental tyres and technologies for a safer future

Throughout the decades, Continental’s innovative vision has been unwavering. As the modern vehicles of our generation continue to evolve, so too does Continental. We combine our expertise in autonomous mobility, safety and vehicle networking to produce technologies and products, which will enhance both the performance and safety of your vehicle.

Perhaps you have heard this before, but it can simply not be emphasised enough - your tyres are the singular point of contact that your vehicle has with the road surface. That is why you want tyres that you can rely on - for the safety of both yourself, your passengers and other road users.

The latest in Continental’s research development includes technologies in radars, sensors and connectivity systems - all in the name of enhanced safety on the road. Today, you can find Continental components almost anywhere in a car, including:

  • Continental's smartphone access and start solution: allows the driver to access and start the vehicle by using a digital key on their smartphone. 
  • Connected energy manager: a central computing unit for fuel-saving energy management.
  • Brake systems and electric parking brakes: for both hydraulic and electronic brake systems, for all types of cars from small to premium class.
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Sustainability - Continental’s commitment to a greener future

Our commitment to a sustainable and socially responsible future greatly shapes our innovative vision. At Continental, we are firm believers in the vital role that electromobility will have in future mobility. This is why we continue to develop both new and existing technologies for autonomous and networked cars.

Presently, Continental offers numerous components for hybrid and electric vehicles, including:

  • Road Condition Observer: aims to significantly improve on-road safety, having the ability to detect and alert drivers to potential driving hazards, including the risk of aquaplaning in wet weather conditions.
  • 48 volt technology for hybrid cars: proven to reduce fuel consumption by 21 per cent.
  • AllCharge module: allows drivers of electric cars to charge their car’s battery wirelessly.

Continental Tyres - let our tyres take you into the future

All the systems found on your car are interconnected. This means that to maximise the performance potential of your car, you need to ensure that it is fitted with the best tyres available.

Continental’s commitment to creating safe, efficient, connected and comfortable mobility for road users has one central focus - tyres.

Browse our extensive range of Continental tyres to find the best tyre for your driving needs. We strive to produce the best tyre solutions for most makes and models, including passenger cars, luxury SUVs, 4WDs, light trucks and performance vehicles. Afterall, tyres are our core business.