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Tyre Matters

A car full of Continental solutions.

Car driving towards city

Looking for new car tyres? Continental has a central focus on safety, performance, innovation and sustainability making them your best choice for tyres.

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Essential safety checks - how to identify worn tyres

Car driving in the city on Continental tyres.

When was the last time you gave your tyres an inspection? Learn how to spot the warning signs of old, worn and damaged tyres.

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Why choose OE (original equipment) tyres?

Continental tyre as original equipment

Did you know that your choice of tyres has a significant impact on vehicle performance, comfort and safety?

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PremiumContact6 receives top honours in Australian tyre test.

Essential safety checks: tyre inflation pressures

Close up of the Continental AllSeasonContact tyre on a car driving through cityscape.

Maintaining correct tyre pressures helps to maintain the highest standard of safety, comfort and performance throughout the life of your tyres.

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Continental Eco 6 - New Generation Tyre

Car driving on tree lined road.

Improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle with a quality set of eco-friendly tyres.

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Buying tyres: a guide.

Car travelling down a highway.

Need help finding the right tyre for your vehicle? Continental tyres stand for reliability and safety and will keep you, and your family, safe on the roads.

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Premium vs budget tyres - Does it matter?

Child safely asleep in car seat.

It is important to take a moment and consider how vital tyres are when it comes to your safety.

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Road Trip Worthy Tyres

Family SUV vehicle packed ready for a road trip.

Planning a road trip? Are your tyres safe? From tread depth to tyre pressures and the condition of your spare tyre, here are some tyre tips to consider.

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Access all areas with Continental’s AX6.

SUV off-road, driving on the Continental AX6 tyre.

Continental’s AX6 is the perfect SUV tyre that offers some off-road capabilities.

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How do you get the most from your tyres?

Couple driving in their luxury SUV.

Find out how you can achieve tyre longevity and performance through regular checks and maintenance. 

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