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Designed to Withstand Maximum Stress: Continental Presents the CrossContact Extreme E


• Designed to perform in all climates and surfaces, the CrossContact Extreme E is picked to be the world's toughest tyre

• Continental is the official tyre supplier to NEW Extreme E race series

• Extreme E tyre is based on 'CrossContact' Ultra HIgh Performance (UHP) SUV tyre series

Extreme acceleration, masses of torque, high speeds through tight corners, drifts and jumps – as exclusive tyre supplier to the spectacular new Extreme E race series, Continental is facing the toughest challenge that motorsport has ever conjured up for a set of tyres. 

The unique Extreme E race series demands quality performance from both the race vehicles and tyres. The CrossContract Extreme E delivers maximum stability and resilience under the very toughest conditions – like those in the Amazon rainforest or on the glaciers of Patagonia.

All the teams in the new off-road series, Extreme E, are placing their trust in the CrossContact Extreme E tyre, specially developed for all the different climates racers will face. 

The tread pattern has been optimised to enable the tyre to provide top performance on all kinds of terrain,” explains Anuj Jain, tyre development engineer with Continental.

“With this tyre we arrived at a very good compromise – a product that takes account of the various local and climate-related requirements, the necessary reliability under race conditions, and the key topic of sustainability. It’s an exceptionally capable solution.”

The innovated tyres will be fitted to the specifically design ODYSSEY 21 electric SUV. From 3 April 2021, this eye-catching machine will be taking professional motor racing to the most remote corners of the globe.

At 440 cm long, 230 cm wide and standing 186 cm tall with a 300 cm wheelbase, the ODYSSEY 21 is not all that different from a conventional SUV. What puts this vehicle ahead is a peak output of 550 hp and a weight of just 1,650 kilos. Power by two electric motors, the racer sprints from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Built by Spark Racing Technology, the ODYSSEY 21 is a genuine powerhouse.

Given that there are no suitable challenges for the exceptional performance delivered by the CrossContact Extreme E tyre in everyday motoring, Continental is ruling out any possibility of these extreme sports products becoming available from dealers.

Continental is a Premium Partner of the Extreme E series. The technology company is equipping all the vehicles involved in the races with tyres for the diverse and very demanding conditions that they will encounter.

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The 2021 season at a glance:

Location                               Date
Al Ula, Saudi Arabia3 - 4 April
Dakar, Senegal29 - 30 May
Kangerlussuag, Greenland               28 - 29 August
Santarém, Brazil23 - 24 October
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego11 - 12 December

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