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Motor Tyre Test Win

Motor Tyre test

Continental extends lead in Aussie tyres tests

May 2018, Melbourne - The most comprehensive performance tyre test conducted by Australian motoring media has been won by a Continental tyre for the third time, making it four consecutive years of wins by Continental in independent Australian motoring media tests.

In topping the rankings at MOTOR Magazine’s 2018 Tyre Test, the Continental SportContact® 6 reinforced the brand’s recent dominance by adding to Continental wins of the same test in 2015 and 2017 on the ContiSportContact® 5 P, as well as the 2016 win in the Wheels Magazine Tyre Test on the ContiPremiumContact® 5. The results unmistakably reinforce the technological edge of the German engineered premium brand.

Welcoming the result, Continental Tyres Australia Marketing Manager, Russel Stewart, reflected on the guidance such tests can provide to consumers. “Independent tests, such as MOTOR Magazine’s, provide valuable information for consumers. We all know that where our car contacts the road is an aspect of safety that should be considered, and it is great to see that there are independent media outlets in Australia who provide unbiased results to consumers.“

The MOTOR Magazine test is considered one of the most reliable independent tests annually conducted in Australia. It involves a range of real world condition stress-tests, conducted by professional testers in controlled conditions, including the use of a single vehicle and ensuring carefully calibrated detailed measurements. The key to this test is also that MOTOR are completely transparent in their testing methodology, which gives assurance to the final outcome of the test.

If further evidence of the capability of Continental tyres were needed, consumers can look to the brand’s record of success in global awards where Continental has been the most recommended tyre in 512 out of 647 independent tests over the last decade; a remarkable 80% success ratio.

By winning yet another test, Continental once again proves its German quality and heritage by coming out ahead of the pack in the 2018 MOTOR tyre test.