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Q: How do I contact someone in relation to an enquiry?

A: If you do not find the information you are looking for in the below FAQ’s please use the contact form below. Your enquiry will be addressed within 24 business hours. Please note, this contact is to Continental’s Head Office. Our Head Office is not a retail outlet and therefore can not address enquiries related to changing/fitting tyres, pricing, stock availability etc. We recommend that you contact an authorised Continental retail outlet, details of which can be found on our dealer locator at the top of the website.

Q: Does Continental Tyres Australia also look after Continental Motorcycle Tyres and/or Continental Bicycle Tyres?

A: No, Continental Tyres Australia services the division of Passenger and Truck tyres in Australia. Please contact the following wholesalers for each respective two wheel division in Australia:

Continental Bike Tyres

Velo Vita & TMO Sports


Continental Motorcycle Tyres:

Ron Angel Wholesalers

Q: What should I do if I notice a vibration, an unusual noise or a physical difference on my tyre?

We recommend that you take your car to a professional tyre retailer or your car dealership as soon as possible.

Q: What do the markings on the sidewall of my tyre mean?

To see a full explanation of your tyre sidewall lettering click here.

To see what the Original Equipment (OE) markings on your sidewall mean, click here.

Q: How much air should I put in my tyres?

A: Proper inflation is the single most important part of tyre care. Tyre pressure is not determined by the type of tyre or the size, but upon your car and the initial recommendation given by your car maker.

To find out what your car’s tyre pressure should be, refer to the placard, which is usually found on the inside drivers door panel, glovebox, fuel cap or under the bonnet or your car's handbook.

We do recommend that you check your tyre pressure at least once a month and when your tyres are cold. Do not check your pressure during a long journey as air expands when it heats up, this means you will get incorrect readings on the pressure gauge.

Q: When is your next promotion?

A: From time to time Continental will offer promotions through selected authorised retail outlets. Please check the promotions tab at to see if there is a promotion running and where it can be accessed.