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Tyres are the essential point of contact between your car and the road. We work to ensure that your tyres will always offer excellent braking, maximum safety, and pure driving pleasure. That’s why Continental is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger and light truck tyres in Europe. We’re also one of the world's largest passenger tyre manufacturers in the original equipment and replacement market.

But wait, there’s more. We rank among the top five automotive suppliers worldwide, with divisions specialising in brake systems, instrumentation, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, vehicle electronics, infotainment solutions, and technical elastomers. And worldwide, the corporation has more than 244,000 employees in 61 countries and 554 locations. That’s a big family.

So as you can see, a passion for mobility is at the heart of everything we do. And our goal is to make mobility cleaner, safer, more intelligent and affordable for everyone.

Tyre brands

Continental enjoys a leading position in the original equipment and replacement business. Our premium German Engineered tyres provide safety and performance to many motorists in Australia.

Tradition and progress

Looking back on more than 145 years of innovation and growth, we’re very proud of our heritage at Continental tyres. We invented the first ever patterned tyre tread. And the first ever tubeless tyre. Plus the world’s first driverless car. Also the world’s first eco-friendly tyre. And the world’s fastest road legal tyre. That’s a lot of firsts – and we haven’t even begun to list all of them.

Founded in Hanover, Germany, in 1871, we’ve amassed a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. Decades of extensive research and testing, for example, have proven beyond doubt that tyres aren’t only crucial for a vehicle’s overall performance – they significantly influence braking power, too.

With an emphasis on progress, we continually strive to optimise our product range. The Continental product development teams work to maximise all safety-relevant characteristics of our tyres, while simultaneously minimising rolling resistance. These aspects make a fundamental contribution to driving safety and sustainability.

Testing tyres in every situation


We vigorously test our tyres on proving grounds around the globe, including the Contidrom, our in-house track near Hanover. Within the Contidrom is the world’s first fully automated tyre-testing system, AIBA, where tests are conducted year-round on wet and dry road surfaces.

This relentless focus on every single safety and performance aspect is confirmed repeatedly by independent tests around the world, where we regularly achieve the highest recommendations and accolades.

Furthermore, our tyres must also pass hundreds of vehicle manufacturers’ stringent tests to ensure they perform to the highest standards. Only then are Continental tyres approved as Original Equipment (OE).

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Verified by partners

The modern car operates through a complex interaction of sophisticated components – and that includes the tyres. The right set of tyres guarantees that the car’s performance on papertranslates into performance on the road.

It’s a good thing, then, that one in every three cars in Europe delivered from the factory is fitted with tyres from Continental. As the leading OE supplier in the European market, gaining approval from our partners is a sign of a product’s exceptional quality.

The right solution for every application

Continental always strives to offer the best tyre solutions – and not just for cars. We also apply our comprehensive understanding of tyres and tyre development to a variety of other types of vehicle, from trucks, buses, earthmoving, port and industrial vehicles, to tractors, bicycles and motorcycles.

Solutions for motorcycles
Solutions for

Whether you are looking for speed on the road or safety on off-road tracks: Continental offers the right tyres for motorcyclists.

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Solutions for truck and bus
Solutions for
truck and bus

If you put a lot of weight on the road, you need tyres that are more resistant and longer lasting. Continentals truck and bus tyres are just that.

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Solutions for bicycles
Solutions for

Racers, mountain bikes, cross-country bikes or trekking bikes: our bicycle department offers tailor-made tyres for every cyclist.

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Solutions for specialty vehicles
Solutions for
specialty vehicles

Continental offers a selection of special-purpose tyres so that heavy construction-site vehicles and pallet trucks can perform their work safely.

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We are even more than tyres

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